Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Holiday party!

Dear Library Staff:

As you know, for decades a Library Deputy Director hosted a lavish library system holiday party in her own home. The wine flowed and the table groaned under the weight of whole salmons and bowls of fat shrimp. Her elegant, large, and historic city home's doors were thrown open for any staff member at any level who felt like dropping by.

But one day she retired. And a holiday darkness descended upon our library system. We celebrated nothing together anymore and merely grumbled at each other on our unbroken and toilsome journey through the year.

Feeling the loss of this party a group of four librarians have put together a new holiday party at one of their distant, suburban homes. It is a potluck party. One wouldn't think it would require four librarians to put together a potluck party, but the rest of us hope the four of them have fun with it. We can't make it. We have this thing for parties with hosts who don't actually ask you to throw the party for them.

And that is why we will be going to the alternative party being hosted that same night for all of us in our library system. It is not to compete with the four librarian "potluck" party, it is merely for those staff members who prefer a different style of party. This party will be catered lavishly and tuxedoed waiters will circulate constantly with tasty treats. A clever jazz quintet will be playing all evening and if you want to dance you can. Enjoy the open bar and say hi to the sushi chef. No need to RSVP. We beg of you not to bring anything, just yourself and your significant other. This is all thanks to our new Library Director and will be hosted at her lovely lake home. We encourage you to have some champagne on the upstairs balcony.

I haven't yet met our generous new Library Director so could someone who has met her please let her know she's doing this.

Thank you so much,

Your co-worker,

F. Calypso


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