Sunday, November 20, 2016

Raining cats and dogs

After a few weeks of freakishly pleasant November weather, dry, 60 degrees most days, the rain came with a sudden bewildering vengeance, like it had been saving it up for awhile. Fat bolts of lightning pounded the far horizon, evoking visions of exploding farmhouses. My wife and I were racing along, nearly blind on the freeway, to my job. Gusts of wind pounded heavy blobs of rain ferociously into our windshield and I wondered why they couldn't make a faster speed for my wipers. They were not keeping up, though I will grant that they did seem to be trying.

The phrase "raining cats and dogs" came into my mind. It was raining cats and dogs. And then, because I'm literal minded, I suddenly wondered "What would happen if it really did rain cats and dogs?"

The answer is:

We would end up with a lot of dead dogs and a lot of irritated cats walking among them.

This afternoon the rain turned into the first snow of the season. It does not snow any animals that I know of. Fortunately.



  1. Well, if it did snow animals, i imagine they would all be lily white polar bears and arctic foxes and baby seals and such. Just saying.

    1. A reasonable conjecture. And reasonably comforting since their snowy plush fur would protect them as they fell, so they'd probably be okay. Although things could then get ugly if the bears and foxes were hungry.

  2. Well, down at this end of the river we don't see much of what you call "snow" and there are doubts that such stuff even exists. I'm commenting here because imaginary precipitation might just as well be made up of anything. Why stop at animals? "Ooblick" could be pea soup for all we know. Have you ever seen any? Maybe it is!

    1. Fair enough, but I've read my Dr Seuss. That oobleck stuff was no pea soup!


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