Monday, December 12, 2016

How to unsubscribe

Those of you scattered across the world reading this might naturally imagine that everyone I work with is an avid reader of clerkmanifesto.

This is not so. 

Most notably I am pretty sure I am down to just one librarian reader. You are probably thinking "Well, one is still a lot!" and that would have been true early in my career when there were so few librarians to start with, all fanatically dedicated, endlessly toiling, full-time librarians culled from a tiny list of qualified local professionals. But nowadays the older, full-time librarians are mostly on vacation all the time or having hip surgery, and the horrible glut of young librarians desperately compete for future jobs by subbing for them in hideous, random two hour shifts. It takes a great many librarians to staff a busy library when the average librarian workload is zero to two hours per week.

All of this means that out of thousands of librarian co-workers only one of them reads this.

It is possible this is because I frequently make cruel fun of librarians on this blog. You would think that they would understand I only do this out of jealousy over their money besotted work lives of sickening indulgence and dizzying luxury.

But they don't understand that. And they're not really into reading anyway, unless you count cheap pulp novels, professional librarian journals, and twitter.

But I do still have the one tenacious, mildly dedicated librarian reader. 

The cynical among you might say that this person only reads this because I mention him here occasionally. 

I prefer to think that the power and profundity of my work blots out any negative considerations on his part.

But I'm pretty sure he actually reads this because it comes to his email on a daily basis and he is constitutionally unable to not read any text that comes within 300 yards of him. I think this speaks well of him as a librarian, unlike others.

This tendency is why when I have a spare hour or two I spend it randomly signing up people to receive my blogposts via their email inbox. Hundreds of you are now saying to yourself "Oh. So that's how I started getting all these! There are just so many! Is there some way to unsubscribe?"




  1. One day if I ever become a librarian I will continue to read your blog and it's not just because it turns out one cannot unsubscribe.

    1. Well, it's a noble calling, librarian, just very very very fiddly. But what job isn't?

      Thank you for the vote of confidence.


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