Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Library miracle

Perhaps our nation's faith in God has waned. Maybe the power of churches and preachers has broken under the weight of corruption. Possibly even the media market has altered, and there is no room for TV faith healers anymore. I don't know. I only know that miraculous religious health cures have been slowly disappearing across our Nation.

This is well documented. Yes, these days someone praying at the Western Wall or at a Taoist Shrine may be abruptly cured of a Cancer that every Doctor insisted was fatal and inoperable. But it doesn't happen much. Not anymore.

It turns out that the best place to head for miraculous healing is no longer to your local church but rather to your local library. More and more people are coming to libraries with grave afflictions and walking out cured. Did they plan this? No. They were as surprised as the rest of us working at libraries. We have never considered libraries to be particularly healthful environments. And I don't know how or why the lame are miraculously made to walk when they come to my library. I only know it has been happening. 

You have not heard of this? No, few people have. Unlike religions, libraries are fairly laid back when it comes to proselytizing and self-promotion. We as a community are phlegmatic as regards miracles taking place on our watch. Miracles have always taken place here in libraries, and now, just because there is an upsurge of them affecting the crippled and lame, it doesn't warrant us getting all excitable.

Perhaps you want to know what these miracles look like. Do people leap out of their wheelchairs? Do the hobbled suddenly bound up our stairs? To tell you the truth I have not yet witnessed one of these miracles at the exact instant they have taken place. I have only seen the aftermath: The vast array of walking canes and walkers that have begun overflowing our lost and found area. 

Suddenly we are awash in them. I suppose eventually we can donate them all to churches.


  1. I LOL'd again!!! This was so funny. I think walkers and canes are, dare I say, cooler than the two urinals that were turned into the library Lost and Found in one week. Miraculous healing of incontinence deserves some recognition too!


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