Friday, December 2, 2016

The training requirement

As the last month of the year came upon us it turned out I had not fulfilled all of my county mandated library training. I don't much like training, but if it's easy enough to attend I can tolerate it enough not to say harsh, cutting words about everyone at the library involved in requiring staff training. Fortunately there are some online video classes, operating under a platform called "Lynda", that we can use in a pinch to take care of the dregs of our requirements. It has thousands of video classes on things like 2D Animation Design and Analytics Marketing that are so essential to our work in the library.

A patron might come into the library and ask:

"Have you heard of Analytics Marketing?"

And I can say "Yes."  Then say "Excuse me" and dash off for a long bathroom break. Just as a for instance.

I think of myself as a curious person, questing ever to know more and increase my knowledge. I believe that I love to know, and I see myself as always struggling to become a minor authority in all subjects. But as I perused and then poured over the long list of Lynda classes: HTML Essential Training, Transition from Manager to Leader, MODO Essential Training, Logo Trend Report, Lead Generation Fundamentals, and so on, I suddenly decided that I had myself all wrong. I hate all knowledge and don't want to learn anything ever again for as long as I live. 


  1. I too enjoy learning new things, and something I learned just this minute....people sitting near me in a quiet little coffee shop don't seem to mind at all when I laugh out loud reading this blog post. So let me throw my head back and laugh one more time - hahahaha. There, my training is done for the day.

    1. There's something so familiar about this laugh...

      Maybe the people in the quiet coffee shop regret that it's quiet.

      Congratulations on completing your training. Don't forget the six hour process you will be required to go through to enter your completed training into the county training system.


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