Sunday, December 4, 2016

The windfall


I printed out my library paycheck but I didn't look at it. Money coming in from the library is sort of on a budgetary autopilot just as so much of our household expenditures are. Money comes in, money goes out. It's not a mystery how much money might be in my check in any given pay period. But at some point in the day I wanted to see what my sick time was at. So I pulled out my check and something odd caught my eye. It was the amount.

My two week paycheck was for $1,174,640.00!


In case you were wondering, this is not my normal check amount. It is more than a million dollars larger.

I think it might be a mistake.

But correcting a mistake like that is likely to be a big bureaucratic hassle. I'm not up for all those County human resources headaches that I am all too familiar with. Nevertheless I'm not sure that keeping all this money for my own indulgences would be entirely ethical. I decided I would be on safer ground if I directed this money for the benefit of the common good.

While I might direct a paltry smattering of my food budget towards a food shelf when I'm checking out at my local Co-op, and while I may accrue some small portion of credit for charitable contributions given in the name of my household, I consider my main, selfless gift to the needy, to social justice, to freedom, and to the betterment of the Universe everywhere to be this blog: clerkmanifesto.

I'm just saying, look for some very fancy fonts here in the days to come. 

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