Monday, January 2, 2017

American flag

Today at the library the American flag ripped from its flagpole and fell to the ground. Why not at the library? That seems like the place it should happen.

It was windy. Or American was dying. We weren't sure yet. Trump was elected, but not yet President.

Don the custodian guy went and got the flag. He's conscientious like that. Don the custodian guy does not work for the county. He works for some company the county hired to keep its buildings clean because they couldn't be bothered with...all...that. What does that mean for Don? I'm pretty sure it just means he gets paid less, with less benefits. 

There he is, fishing the flag out of the snow. He brings it in and puts it on a manager's desk.

"Does it count as touching the ground" He asks me "If it was on the snow?" 

"Yes." I answer. "It touched the ground."

Then I tell him about Abbie Hoffman. Abbie Hoffman was arrested for wearing a shirt made out of the American Flag.

"Huh." Don says. Probably because my comment wasn't all that relevant.

And now my library is International and has no nation.

Because of the wind?

Who knows.

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