Wednesday, January 11, 2017

This could be the one!

After writing 1425 or so blog posts, which is a true number but even so sounds like a joke to me because it's the sort of joke I like to make, like when someone asks me how long I've worked at the library and I say "Since the early fifties, back when half our fiction section was in Latin", but I really have written 1425 or so blog posts, no joke, and finally, today, I have the feeling that this, this could be the one, the holy grail, the mother lode, the blog post where it all comes together and I finally, at long last, manage to write that most elusive of posts, that most challenging of blog constructions, that is, the blog post I have struggled to write since my earliest days here at clerkmanifesto, fighting ever to achieve what I may actually accomplish here if I hold it together, don't breathe, and keep my focus long enough to do the almost unthinkable masterwork wherein, through writing craft and guile and focus I succeed in producing an entire blog post made of a single, unbroken, long, complete, lone sentence!

On the other hand it looks like this might not be that day.

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