Friday, February 10, 2017

I won a Nobel Prize, ask me anything : AMA

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I Won a Nobel Prize, ask me anything: AMA

submitted by Feldenstein Calypso

Hi. I'm back for my third IamA. Here today to answer your great Reddit questions about the Nobel Prize for literature that I recently won. Ask me anything you want and I'll try to answer!


Update: Thanks everyone. This has been a lot of fun. Great questions, great community!

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thefirstofmanyfakenames 109 points

                Feldenstein Calypso {S}  243,695 points 36 hours ago 

               Fun. Weird. Exciting. Painful, Rewarding. Lots of free fancy buffet things they have a special name for over there. Just one, er, fiery speech.

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 bigkinkadefan067 1609 points

. The thing is, who wouldn't want to win a Nobel Prize for Literature? But wonderfully there are plenty of them to go around- a new one roughly every year, and if you apply yourself to your writing maybe you can win one too! Harry Martinson won one. Why can't you? Just, a small piece of advice; There are specific ways to form a question and yours came out looking more like a statement. A tip off is that you had no question mark at the end, and that's a dead giveaway. But don't give up. Keep working at it and you'll get the hang of it. We're all pulling for you.


 [–]waitwaitmeme 79 points

 How did you first hear you'd won the Nobel Prize?

       Feldenstein Calypso {S}  243,695 points 37 hours ago

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 [–]watchtheusernames 205 points

 What will you buy with your prize money?

 [–]unique43068 11 points

 How much money do you get?

               [–]ordontwatchthem  62 points

                 I think he gets something like 1.4 million dollars.

 [–]2manynamestocomeupwith 719 points

What authors did you and Dylan badmouth?

                Feldenstein Calypso {S}  243,695 points 36 hours ago 

                It doesn't seem right to say.

              Aw, but, well, what the hell, okay, I'll say just a couple.

               Kazuo Ishiguro and Thomas Kinkade. We hate those guys.

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              [–]butIpersevere4 76 points

              Thomas Kinkade? Is he like that crappy Painter of Light guy? He writes?

                Feldenstein Calypso {S}  243,695 points 35 hours ago 

             Sort of. He has some co-writer who does all the work and they used to produce Romance Novels "together". Kinkade mysteriously won the 2007 Nobel Prize for literature for them. Now that I have one of my own I can kind of see why Bob gets so worked up about it. But Neil's always teasing Bob about it.

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                            [–]doyounoticethese? 666 points

                            Neil? Neil Young?

                          [–]cuztheyrealotofwork 1 points

                         Yeah, I think so. I read something about Neil, Dylan, and Calypso tasting liqueurs together.

                           [–]butifyounoticehi 14 points

                           No, it's mixed cocktails. I read an article in Vanity Fair.

                           [–]IlikeaNegroni 3 points

                           They taste exotic cocktails together. There was an article somewhere.

                                         [–]youwillnowbeslightlykinder 223 points


                                                    [–]youaregettingsleepy zzzz points


                                                    [–]doyouevergetyourself  369 points

                                                   Your link is dead.


 [–]intomorethanyoubargainedfor 514 points

 I know the Nobel is supposed to be for life's work, but a lot of times there's sort of an iconic work, like Steinbeck and Grapes of Wrath, or Toni Morrison with Beloved, or Thomas Kincaid (and Katherine Spencer) with Home Song, A Cape Light Novel. Do you have a particular post that you think stands for your work in the Nobel Prize?

              [–]itsallthisformattingugh 55 points

              Crap, he's not answering. I really wanted to hear this one too!

 [–]unique43069 11 points

Hey, big fan here. Thanks for your wonderful daily blog posts. They mean the world to me and all my friends who I insist read them and then I ask them about them every day no matter what. No one could be more deserving of a Nobel, in my opinion, than you. So my question, is it true about your acceptance speech to the Nobel Prize committee, or is that just a wild legend?

                Feldenstein Calypso {S}  243,695 points 6 hours ago 

                 Thank you for your kind words. It really keeps me going.

               For good or ill it's all true. I still have a small burn scar on my wrist that tingles when it's very cold out. My tux is singed too.

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                            [–]Sullyprudhomme 36 points

                            What? What happened with the acceptance speech?

                          [–]Fredericmistral 23331 points

                         How were you burned?

                           [–]joseechegaray 14 points

                           What did you do to those Swedes?????!!!!!!!

                           [–]IstilllikeaNegroni 3 points

                           Tell us!!!

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