Saturday, February 25, 2017

My good friend George Clooney

Well, I joke around a lot about hanging out with famous people, but I've never imagined anything would come of it. So imagine how astounded I was when megastar famous Hollywood Actor George Clooney responded to a blog post I wrote about having an imaginary coffee with him.

As I do on a more or less daily basis I check my blog for comments. When I did this, yesterday, there, on my post mentioned above, the one about the coffee, was a comment from George Clooney himself. At first I couldn't even believe my eyes. George Clooney. Commenting on my blog. Could this be my big break? What does it mean?

What to do? Who to turn to? Where to go next?

I called my friend Bob Dylan.

"Bob." I said. "You won't believe this but George Clooney left a comment on my blog."

"Yeah, I saw it." Bob said gruffly.

"You saw it!" I practically yelled. "But this could be my big break! What do I do? I've never even met a famous person before! What do I do?"

Bob cleared his throat. I waited. 

Bob cleared his throat again.

"You all right there Bob?" I asked with concern. He's had some respiratory problems in the past.

"I'm fine, uh, I guess. So, uh, just be yourself."

"Thanks." I said. "You still flying in for cocktails Thursday?"

He brightened. "Oh yeah. I found a bottle of the Benoit Liqueur de Violette. I'll bring it by."

"Good find!" I exclaimed. The Benoit Creme de Violette can be hard to get a hold of. Bob has a lot more energy than you'd think from just knowing him a little.

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