Monday, February 20, 2017

Sick joke

No, the joke is not so sick. I am. Actually, come to think of it, yes, the joke is a little sick. It's also not that good. But my energy is low and I'm tired and sniffling and sneezing constantly. That's what I meant by me being sick. This has lowered my usual blog standard from:

I have something important to say. There looks to be a way through to say it. I have considered it carefully, tested it, found wit and color in it, and am ready to forge something I think might be true.


Something randomly occurred to me.

I bet you're excited!

You are?

I'm, I'm touched. Maybe I should scrap this random joke and try and raise my standard back up. I'm not even sure it makes sense.

No? You want to hear the joke that's not very funny, might not make sense, and is not actually all that sick when it comes to jokes?

Okay. But I'm now entirely innocent in the matter. Thank you for taking responsibility for this.

The Joke You Insisted Upon

A man's large dog is due for his annual health exam so he takes him to the Vet. They sit quietly in the waiting room until they are called in to see the Vet. Just as the Vet starts to take a look at the big dog, the dog eats him.

"This is not good!" The man says to himself. The man and the dog leave in a hurry.

They go home, but the dog starts to get quite sick, so they go to another Vet. The same thing happens as at the first Vet. The man even warns the staff that the dog might be a bit dangerous, but before they can do anything the dog eats another Vet. So they hurry out of there in the tumult.

Afraid to see another Vet the man stays at home nursing his dog, but the dog is just getting sicker and sicker. So he arranges to see another Vet. But this time he carefully warns the clinic and every precaution is taken. The dog is muzzled and put in a special safety chamber. The Vet is in no danger. The Vet carefully examines the dog, mostly remotely, and asks the man a number of penetrating questions. He says "Aha." a lot. Finally the Vet announces "I know what has made your dog ill."

"What is it?" The man cries. "I've been so worried!"

The Vet looks reprovingly at the man. "Dogs are not meant to live on a Veterinarian Diet!"

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