Monday, February 13, 2017

The standoff

So I was thinking today would be a good day to write about the historical importance of Clerkmanifesto and the things we can do to elevate its profile in the national debate. I thought you would maybe enjoy a strategy session and exploration of such themes as:

  • How do we insert Clerkmanifesto into the academic canon?
  • The maintenance of the Clerkmanifesto Wikipedia page.
  • The path from seventeen to one billion regular Clerkmanifesto readers.
  • What can other people do to change the world using Clerkmanifesto?

So what do you say?



You want me to talk some more about the funny way scissors disappear and reappear at the library I work at?

Are you sure?



  1. I was thinking of a critical thinking thinking assignment for extra credit in my critical thinking through literature course. Perhaps you or I or one of your readers could suggest a prompt. I think a healthy half page response with textual support would do.

    1. Dear Grape again,

      I am very excited to learn of your proposal to do a critical thinking extra credit assignment using one of my blog posts as "literature". It is the first official time my blog posts have been cited as "literature" and I am honored. Perhaps your young scholars could choose from among my blog posts and present either an argument or agreement with the blog post they have chosen. I am very excited about this idea!

      Oh, this wasn't what you meant?

      Are you sure?




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