Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lost opportunity

To allow people to use our computers without a library card we freely hand out temporary Internet passes that have a barcode number and a pin number that allows people to log into our system. A woman came to me at the desk to return one of these passes. She said she was sorry, but she had written on it. "The number was too small for me to read" She said "So I wrote it on the pass." And yes, there it was, in a neat tight hand, she had written the long number at exactly the same size that it was pre-printed on the card.

I did not ask "Why, if you could read the number well enough to write it down, did you need to write it down?"

And I did not ask "Why, if it was too small, did you write it down in the same small size?"

I did not believe then that there was any reasonable answer she could give. But now I wonder, and I will forever more. 

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