Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dwn w twtr

Perhaps my aversion to twitter is attributable to my verbosity, my desire to ramble, my love of elbow room. On the other hand I have spent the last four years writing every single day in this mercilessly short form. So my explanation is left hanging.

My distaste for twitter easily predates this first twitter Presidency, though I cannot resist an aside here to say that if there were ever an out sized argument to convince any right thinking person to burn twitter to the ground, metaphorically, it is surely Donald Trump and the idea that, if you have that little to say, why not take it one tiny step further and say nothing at all.

Perhaps then my aversion to twitter comes down to my job, which easily predates twitter. A curious, intransigent, and appalling feature of the software we use at my library is that all notes on patron records are severely character limited. I think we have about 50 characters to describe any issue or history, no matter how complex. That previous sentence alone exceeds 50 characters! To fit it I would have to write it:

We hv abt 50 crctrs 2 dscr a iss, no mtr hw cmplx.

Admittedly that version is an improvement possibly on my original, but the editing required for any larger concept is a nightmare. It is ez enf 2 wrt a note syng the ptrn's lost crd is in our lst crd file, bt the isss to disc r nt alwys so smpl. 2 thrds of my wrk rel note wrtng life has bn spnt jst editng 2 fit! And even worse our commnt editr mks it lk like thrs plnty mor rm whn the dmn thng cuts u off!

On the other hand, at this point, abbreviation comes pretty natural to me. Maybe I should take up twitter and its unholy challenge. I could go with the approach I suggested earlier in this post. I'll go twitter one better and keep my every utterance, without exception, down to zero characters or less.

I think you'll find them unusually wise.


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