Monday, April 24, 2017

If only

One of the most oddly visceral ways I face a new presidency while working at a library is when a new president is sanctified in the children's section. Every American President is going to have a slew of carefully neutral, meticulously calm books written about him for kids. When this happened with the Alfred E. Neuman Presidency of George W. Bush it was irritating and vaguely false feeling. When it happened with Obama it was heartwarming, but also a little sad. I have been dreading the first appalling Trump books. Are they even necessary? What lunatic grade school teacher would want to wade into the quagmire of assigning Presidential biography reports to kids while we're all so busy dealing with the collapse of human civilization?

Surprisingly though the first kids' Trump book has just come in. Fortunately it's not that wretched, milquetoast biography I've been expecting. It is, instead, of all things, a potty training book!

Young Roy is learning to use the potty. And after successfully taking his very first poop "by himself" he observes it with pride. But as he prepares to show his parents he notices that his poop's shape looks like the new President of the United States!

It's actually pretty good, addressing as it does the insecurities and fears of toddlers taking this challenging, sometimes scary, developmental step.

It's called There's a Trump in my Dump

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