Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Letter about letters

Dear Publisher:

Please consider publishing my enclosed manuscript. It consists entirely of submission letters I have written to publishers and editors, just like this one!

I know you might be wondering why you would want to publish a bunch of query letters in a book. But these are very special query letters, produced by a writer working at the peak of his considerable talents. They will be of interest to a lay audience curious about the workings of today's terrifically exciting publishing industry, and they will also be of great use to the many, many aspiring writers out there who hope to one day make their living in that industry. These letters show some of the finest examples in the world of persuasion, proper presentation, and the craft of writing. They are pitch perfect examples of what it takes to be a top notch, elite, and successful writer in today's demanding world of letters.

You may also be wondering if this book would be well served by printing the publishers' responses to these query letters.

No. I hardly think anyone will be interested in reading "Your submission does not meet our current needs." 140 times.

I look forward to working with you!

F. Calypso

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