Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Too easy

We have a large, popular meeting room downstairs at my library. It's a spacious room with many possible permutations of chairs and tables. Sometimes we in the circulation department are asked to set it up in a certain way for some group or event, all chairs like in an auditorium, or classroom style for instance. I would like to go on record here officially by saying I don't approve of this. I'm more of a "take care of your own stuff" person, set up your own room, and only if it's too much do you then ask for help. But there's not much I can do about that except to tirelessly give exhaustive anarchist speeches elaborating on my views and my vision for a better world. So I generally steer clear of the meeting room set up. It's not hard to steer clear of the meeting room set up once people are aware of the danger of my 45 minute theoretical discourses on the matter.

Still, last week we had a group meet in this program room of ours, and I suddenly found myself keen on setting up for it. At 6 o'clock on a Wednesday evening there was going to be a meeting of "The Minimalist Group."  Sadly I wasn't around when they came and didn't get to see them. Nevertheless, in preparation, I locked all our furniture in the closets.


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