Monday, May 22, 2017

Guy under car

In the latest library development there is now a


in our parking lot.

I've seen worse. Plus, it's sort of entertaining. His red car has a flat now, so I don't think it's going anywhere soon. We asked the guy if he needed any help. We even have this handy Community Resource Advocate who regularly visits us who could possibly help him. The guy living under the car was offended at the implication that he needed help.

"Just because I am sleeping underneath my car in your parking lot does not mean I need help. I'm fine. I'M FINE!"

He's fine.

Sometimes some of the library patrons are a little concerned though.

"There's a red car out there." They say delicately. "And, well, there's stuff under it, like, backpacks, and... stuff. I think maybe it's been there for a long time."

"We're working on it." We say. And we are. We're batting it around quite a bit lately. It went from the front desk, to the circ manager to the branch manager. It then went from the branch manager to the Police. The Police sent it back to the branch manager who sent it to administration and administration gave it to property management. That's where it is now. Property management is thinking hard about who to send it to. 

No hurry though. He's fine.


  1. You should see the Venice Beach CA library there is a whole community of Hobos living in that library parking lot 24-7...

    1. This makes sense. Even in the cities here there are communities of homeless in the downtown libraries that I have heard of. Where I work, on the fringes of the urban core, there are only one or two solo people at a time, and it is easy for us to focus on them. Not, as you see, that we do much with it.

      But I can't help but notice the rise of the library as a community center/social services location, and find myself writing more and more about these issues.


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