Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fruit flies

In the late Summer, swarms of strange fruit flies took over our library break room kitchen. I call them strange because they did not behave quite along the standard fruit fly lines. The eschewed our vinegar trap and seemed less interested in food and water than in our dry paper towel dispenser, where they hung out, like as at a day at the beach, on the clean white hanging sheets of dispensed towel.

I'm probably making overmuch of these fruit flies' peculiarities. The towels do hang over the delicious (to fruit flies) garbage can. And this all takes place in a corner of the kitchen with the dishwasher, which I consider to be the main spawning grounds for the fruit flies. This is a dishwasher that runs an astonishing 22 hour cycle wherein it doesn't so much wash dishes as it sort of slow steams them into submission. It's an ever moist fruit fly paradise.

To my astonishment I heard that our property management took an interest in this fruit fly infestation and was going to get involved. This was odd because property management does not normally show any interest in our personal comfort. But I'm not sure what they've done and no one else seems to know. All I know is that at the end of last week two cases of bananas showed up in the back hallway of our library. So many bananas that half of our back workroom smells intensely of bananas. And now the bananas are slowly turning brown. But oddly there is not a single fruit fly over by those bananas. There's something wrong with these fruit flies.

But then there's something wrong with our property management. I think they might be working on a plan to rescue the paper towels.

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