Saturday, September 16, 2017

Impossible dream

In the course of writing 200 reviews of Rome I have also been posting those reviews to Google. Why shouldn't the people researching their trips to Rome benefit from all this, this, from my, from all the, well, I'm at a loss for words. Anyway, if people are toodling about on the Google maps of Rome, as I was doing obsessively a year or more ago, they can now see what I had to say about many of the cafes and museums and stores and sights of Rome. And if they like my exhaustive analysis they can click on a little thumbs up to indicate their approval and, by extension, make my review more visible.

So today Google robot sent me an email.

Congratulations, they cried. You have a new record of 50 likes. I have fifty fans of my reviews!

Unfortunately they neglect to mention that 47 of those people are me. 

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