Sunday, October 15, 2017

Careful living

It is no good living life too cautiously. And yet there are times to lay low. One of those times is on the eve of a big journey. Big journeys, to slightly exotic, sort of foreign destinations like, for instance Paris, are enough of tempting fate as it is. There's the flying, the pickpockets, the terrorists, the uneven sidewalks, and, most importantly, the there's things you haven't thought to worry about. Those are the killers. So maybe in the couple of days before departure it pays to appease the gods, keep ones head down, and lay low.

So here at work I have decided to be a model employee. I have decided to tempt no fates. I will simply do my job in the manner of my most isolated and friendless co-workers, head down and with a blunt and tireless vagueness. This is hardest to do during free time, oops, I mean during shelving. No book reading for me! I do not write a blog post up in the stacks. I simply shelve. But, I'll admit, I'm still me, so while I shelved I memorized this blog post, because it's not like I didn't still have blog posts to write. It was a lot of work memorizing this blog post. And even still I mostly got it wrong. For instance I'm pretty sure this post had a super snappy, really good ending. All I remember of it now is "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah." which is funny, but would be way funnier if remembered the key missing bit.

And that's the moral of today's post. We pay a price for living too cautiously, but sometimes that price is worth it. I will fly off to Paris and I won't be worrying about some petty contretemps I ran into with my manager, or some caustic thing I said about a co-worker who might have overheard it and not understood how affectionately it was meant. I will rest in the aura I have cultivated of harmless, inoffensive perfection.

Oops, well, I better get going. I'm fifteen minutes late to replace the people at the front desk.

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