Saturday, October 7, 2017

My travel list

I am traveling to, or am in, Paris, France. When I go away on a foreign vacation there are usually a few standard preparations I make. Here is the list I use:

1. Talk to everyone constantly, for months and months, about the trip I'm going on so everyone is used to the idea and no one gets too excited. 

2. Learn 75 words of the local language and practice using them on my fellow Americans who will either not understand me or happen to know the language and so answer in a way I am totally unable to understand myself. Oddly enough this is also exactly the same response I get from people in the distant cities I venture to.

3. In the last handful of days before departure, get sick, or have a serious back episode. "Why do you do this?" You ask. 

Because it is on the list. See item number 3.

4. Get very anxious about traveling and occasionally wish we were going to stay at a pretty, nearby lake house instead.

5. In preparation for my absence quickly dash off a dozen blog posts ahead of time. As time runs out resort to short, self-referential lists.


  1. Will you be attending the Salon du Chocolat while in Paris? 14 Euros. Wish I could go. Alas, missing it by just a few days.

    1. No, I did not attend the Salon du Chocolat. It looks like I was a few weeks early for that. I did have some chocolate mousse. Does that count?

  2. I've become overly exited about y'all going to Paris! Sacre Blu! :o)

    1. Oops, perhaps I should have introduced the idea a few years ago and not all of the sudden!


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