Friday, November 24, 2017

More tricks with time

The elevator at the library I work at no longer simply serves the mundane purpose of traveling between floors, but now it also allows me to freely travel at will throughout the time of day! I have been using this miraculous ability to eat more lunches (nice, but only fun for a bit), read a lot of books (there is ever the problem of finding good ones though, even in a large library!), and, by timing my bursts of industry, impress people with my dedicated work ethic (no one has noticed). Wary of wishing my life away I have not used the elevator to whisk through the day. Instead I have used it to accentuate, deepen, and repeat the more appealing aspects of the day while skipping over the less palatable parts.

At first this seemed to be working pretty well. But then I started noticing that something was going wrong with the time I was skipping. I'm pretty sure, for instance, that I have been shelving books randomly for instance, or just very badly. Also, once I came out of the elevator after going forward in time an hour and casually said hi to one of the automation services guys.

"You know what?" He said. "Screw you."

What was that about?

If I'm not there living that hour of my life, who exactly is? I'm finding my personal dishes dirty in the sink, money missing from my wallet, and tasks I'm responsible for untended. In fact I started jumping forward only 55 minutes so I could take care of the increasingly horrible messes I was leaving at the end of my hour shifts. Once I had to go back to the start of the day to get rid of a tattoo I'd gotten, on my bicep, of a sports car. Why would I get a tattoo of a sports car?

Also I started finding blog notes. Sometimes when I'm working I'll jot down blog posts or blog ideas on post-its I always keep in my pocket. After going forward in time to miss some shelving or something I'll take a peek at my post-its. It appears I have been writing blog posts in my invisible hours. They are not very good.

Here's one:


By Feldenstein Calypso

Shelving sucks, and it's boring. I don't see why I should have to do it. Fuck you.

Yes, that's all. They don't tend to be very long and I think that was, sadly, one of the best ones I wrote. Was it a message to me? My blog posts are usually better than that, aren't they? So again, who am I that I don't remember? It's beginning to freak me out.

And that's just it, this whole time traveling elevator seemed like an absolute miracle at first, a gift from god. Only, step by step, it has become a tangle of problems.

Oh well, that's... life, a miracle at first, then a tangle of problems.

And back, and forth, and back again.

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