Friday, December 29, 2017


We're heading for a patch of chilly weather here in Minnesota. Last I looked the high temperature tomorrow should be around minus six. I am inclined to mention it as a matter of course because it's Minnesota, and I am keen to note our regional differences. For instance if this were Key West and the high tomorrow were minus six I wouldn't mention it because I'm pretty sure the world would be in the process of ending. So I might be inclined to let my blog lapse.

"But aren't you committed to posting on your blog daily?" You inquire worriedly.

No, you're right. Sometimes I should be more careful what I say. I will continue to post daily in the event of the end of the World.

Fortunately minus six isn't the end of the world in Minnesota. It's just chilly. For readers in balmy locales such as Fresno and Poughkeepsie it can be confusing as to just exactly how chilly minus six feels.

"Hi. I'm from Poughkeepsie." Writes a regular reader, just now, "And I was wondering what it really feels like when it's minus six out."

-Pat from Poughkeepsie

Dear Pat from Poughkeepsie:

Thank you for your inquiry as to how cold minus six feels. Before I get to "minus six", how cold is it in Poughkeepsie these days?

"As I write." Pat replies "It's about 10 degrees out."

"Oh, that's not as different as I thought. Is anyone here from Fresno?"

Let me try that without quotes:

Is anyone here from Fresno?



Okay, Pat, well, minus six isn't hugely different from plus ten, but as you will probably understand no one really knows how cold either of those are. If one is coming down to minus six from a warmer temperature it is really fucking cold. If one is going up to it from a colder temperature it's surprisingly mild.

"What if it's been right around minus six for awhile?" Pat asks.

Then it's chilly.

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