Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Review of Keith Jarrett's Solo Album: Paris Concert

This is one great album. I love this album. It is Keith Jarrett at his best. It's like if Chopin played the piano, making it up as he went along, all the while accompanying himself absent-mindedly on a kazoo. It also sort of sounds like they gave him a piano with something loose in it that rattles and buzzes whenever he really gets going. "What's that buzzing?" You might ask. "Is there something wrong with his piano?"

Ha ha ha, no, there is nothing wrong with his piano, he's playing a kazoo!

Oh don't be silly. He is a genius piano player. He wouldn't play the kazoo. He's just humming along tunelessly with his own piano playing.

Oh. Is that a good idea?

Not really. Try not to let it bring you down too much.

So, five stars?

Five stars!

And how many stars for the kazoo playing?

Not quite as many.

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