Monday, December 4, 2017

Safe in my genius

I was out at the desk when a library patron came up needing help. He was working on a patent application. He was having problems attaching one of his PDF files. I went out to help him and it gets pretty boring at that point, from a literary standpoint, though we were both pretty interested while it was happening. Ultimately I had him create a new file and name the file differently and everything worked.

"You're a genius." He said.

So I went to the back room to tell everyone that I was a genius. They humored me plenty. Young Thao said "Does this mean they'll give you a promotion?"

"No." I answered sadly. "We don't have promotions around here."

Unfortunately we're more of a "stick" library than a "carrot" library. 

On the plus side maybe I'm safe from getting whacked for the rest of the evening.

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