Thursday, December 21, 2017

Time passes

I was late again today to work. "How does this happen!" I cry out. I'll tell you how it happens; time passes. Time passes while I put on my shoes. Time passes while I put on my coat and hat. Time passes when I lock the door. Time passes with every house and every block I walk past, and it passes even when I stop walking to jot down a few notes on how time passes. Time passes when I am forced to stop for a "Don't Walk" sign, and yet it still passes when the "Don't Walk" sign flashes in red and I sprint to make it across the street before it's too late.

Oh kids, if I have one thing from my mountaintop of wisdom to impart to you it is this: Time passes. You cannot pause it, you cannot speed it up. Your heartbeat measures it out, but then your heartbeat is nothing to it. Skip a beat of your heart and time will still pass.

What can I promise you, what can I guarantee? Love? I wish the best for you. May it be as pure as time. God? I cannot say yea or nay with unalterable surety. Good, bad, life, death, who knows? Maybe there is no death and maybe life is but a dream. I only know that time will pass. It passes now. It is unrelenting. Count on it or don't count on it, but you will not budge it or alter its design. Time passes.

And so it has while we have sat here speaking of these things. And so it will after we end this discourse and go on to see if we can find something on the Internet that is more cheering, or infuriating, to read today.

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