Monday, January 22, 2018

Kind of day I'm having

At my job we have a kitchen, with a stove and everything.

I cook in it.

One of my co-workers complained to one of my managers about the smell from the cooking in the kitchen.

The manager asked Dan "Who cooked in the kitchen?"

I quite obviously cook in the kitchen all the time. Dan doesn't except to warm things in the microwave. So my manager asked Dan.

Dan demurred.

She named two names.

Dan refused to answer. Then he came to me to tell me how he didn't tell on me.

This is like Dan.

"Thanks for your protection Dan, but I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to cook in the kitchen."

I went to the manager.

"I cooked in the kitchen." I said.

"Should I put a sign on the door that says please close the door when cooking?"

"The door was closed, but I don't think it makes any difference either way. It's a kitchen. It gets cooked in."

"I know." My manager said. "I was amazed. I had no idea what to say."

"You could have said 'It's a kitchen. It gets cooked in.'"

"Mmm." My manager replied noncommittally. "I could have."

I cooked broccoli. We have no ventilation.

I have to admit it doesn't smell great in here.

I think I might like to try fish.


  1. You and Eilenne would have made quite a pair, if you worked at the same branch.

    1. Oh really? I'd never heard that Eilenne made beautifully prepared haute cuisine at the library. I only heard that she stored an unhealthy number of things in her office.

      Sometimes I feel that I never get to know my co-workers until it's too late!

    2. I don't think I described Eilenne's cooking as beautifully prepared haute cuisine. And yes, her office was ... archaeological. I head, but didn't see, that on an occasion when there was to be some sort of inspection, she moved everything into her car...and then back. And she had to cook at the library, I heard, because she was a hoarder and he oven at home was full of...goodness knows what.

    3. Hmm, now that I look I can see you didn't actually say "Haute Cuisine", I just took it as implied by how we would "have made quite a pair".

      As I am not an out of control horder and don't seem to have the kind of energy of a person who could move all that stuff to her car on the spur of the moment, I am looking for the ways we would have made quite a pair. Was Eilenne terribly witty?


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