Wednesday, January 31, 2018

My healthy meal

Every day at work lately I make my daily skillet meal. I have come to think of it as quite healthy. My co-workers marvel at how tasty it smells and how delicious it looks. It is full of vegetables, and fresh, and full of goodness. I have been thinking quite well of my virtuous, delicious, and healthful eating...

Until today.

But first let me give you a rough of the recipe:

In a cheap, $5 Ikea non stick frying pan that you promise to throw away as soon as there is a scratch in the carcinogenic non stick coating, put a large chunk of butter and some olive oil. Turn the heat pretty high. Throw in salt and pepper. Coarsely cut up onions and or mushrooms and or red peppers. Get 'em going a bit. Throw in kale or broccoli or romanesco in copious amounts broken savagely into bits with your hands. Put in a good sausage, chicken italian sausage I like best, sometimes pork. I did shrimp once but didn't like it, but if it's seafood add it later in the cooking. When things are all balanced, browned and towards done throw in cubes of seeded whole wheat bread, or a couple torn up corn tortillas, some garlic, lime juice, and broken up good aged cheddar or gruyere or parmesean cheese. Seer it all up. Eat.

So this is what I was cooking, and I'd just thrown in the bread while a newer co-worker was looking on. "Oh, you put bread in it. It's like a fried sandwich!"

It is like a fried sandwich!

That doesn't sound quite as healthy.

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