Thursday, January 11, 2018

The bell

I'm afraid I can be rather critical of my managers here in this space. I'll admit none of it is helped much by my issues with authority. I have issues with authority. Also I feel power is corrupting, even in trifling amounts. And it causes instantaneous power specific brain damage. And did I mention my authority issues?

Well I can mention them twice because I'M IN CHARGE HERE!

The truth is though that both of my managers, as much as they can sometimes upset me, are basically nice people. And I really do think with one, simple, quite small correction I could have a vastly easier time with them.

All I ask is that at all times they wear a little bell around their necks, a nice, distinguished, noisy little bell.


  1. My day has been spent in deep concern. Having read this post I've been fraught by all the many ways this clever plan could go awry. Even if you were to fashion from your genius such flattery as would ensure this melodious alarm stayed on it's intended, the task of entrusting this same charm among all of your coworkers seems impossible. May i suggest that you implant chips in each of your bureaucrats and track their transit through a grid of sensors carefully placed within the stacks?

    1. Oh, sure, go higher tech then? I would rather like having constant information as to where, exactly they are. I was going the simple route really, but I see what you're saying: Dream Big!

      Okay then!

  2. How comforting for me to know that you'll finally be able to relax. May i also suggest a cleverly concealed wet bar? Perhaps a daiquiri machine within the travel section?


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