Monday, February 26, 2018

Dear Publisher: The Lorax

Dear Publisher:

I was upstairs shelving in the non fiction section of my library, and I was suddenly suffused with exhaustion. All these books! Agitating, cajoling, arguing, imploring, instructing! And all with their agendas, both naked and ambitious, furtive and secret. Usually all of the above.

I know that you may be responsible for several of these books. I mean no disrespect or personal condemnation. And anyway I suspect you have some rueful inkling of what I mean.

Because these books, thousands and millions of books! The babble! The cacophony! The cry of "Me! Me! Me!" I am overcome. Sometimes it is all too much.

And so, you ask, what is my point? Why am I writing to you?

I want you to publish my book of course.

And why, you ask, should you publish me? How am I different from all these millions of pages and millions of cries?

I have no agenda of my own. I speak for the trees.


  1. Books are Trees like Soylent Green is people. In this way all y'all librarians are the custodians of tree jerky, and in this way one may contemplate the interconnectedness of all thangs.


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