Monday, February 12, 2018

Lady in black

There was quite a kerfuffle on the river this morning. I was on my daily commuting morning walk. It was bitterly cold. Snow lined the half-frozen river. On the river path up ahead two mismatched women were talking together. A car was pulled up there blocking half of the 2-lane river road. The Police drove up. A policeman got out and talked to the two women. One of the women left to carry on with her jog. The remaining woman and the policeman carried on an animated conversation with much pointing. Two more police cars pulled up. At the time I walked far enough to intersect with the scene I was able to hear the woman direct the policeman through the snow to the edge of the river ravine. I should tell you that this is no cliff, merely a steepish hill down to the wild riverside. The woman said "It was right there that the woman disappeared."

The policeman said something about footprints in the snow and instructed the woman to move her car to somewhere she could park it. The woman drove off. I passed the extra policeman emerging from their squad cars and pulling on jackets and hats. Then I left the scene behind.

But after walking on for about 50 feet, the woman who had gone to park had U-turned back to head for a parking space nearer the scene. She rolled down her window. "Did you see a woman dressed in black head down to the river?" She asked.

"No." I replied. But I said it friendly-like, as I wanted to be helpful.

She drove on.

Another couple hundred feet brought me to the river bridge I needed to cross. Crossing it I had a good view of the scene from up above, but I could see nothing unusual.

What happened? 

Well, I know you read the Internet to find out the answers to these mysteries of life.

So do I, so do I...

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