Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My career with the manager

Dan was in the managers' office talking to one of the managers. He likes to do this because he likes to talk to people and when he talks to the managers they never ask him what he's actually supposed to be doing, they just... talk to him. But he was talking to the manager who after 14 years is still just learning to tolerate him, and while progress has definitely been made, their conversation was not terribly long, though longer than I might have imagined. As Dan was leaving I walked into the office and said "Whatever Dan said I'd just like to advocate for the opposite!"

"Nothing against Dan." I added. "I just want all sides represented."

Then I left.

A little later this same manager was over by the supply cabinets. So I went over and said "We've got a problem. Someone just parked a non fuel efficient vehicle in a fuel efficient vehicle parking spot!"

The manager laughed because we stopped caring about the fuel efficient vehicle spots at the end of the Carter Administration. Then I added "But it might not be a problem because they were in a van with several people in it, so we can have the next fuel efficient vehicle park in one of the vanpool spots."

To which my manager said, not without a touch of affection "You're in one of your moods tonight."

Well, you gotta work the room.

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