Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sidewalk hijinks

After three months of freezing rain, light snows, partial thaws, deep freezes, and heavy snows, the sidewalks and walking paths of my city are at about average for this time of year. That is to say they are neither dangerous nor miserable to walk on, but they do require a certain care and attentiveness, with also a smidgen of struggle. There are good long sections of relatively clear footing, occasional banks of snow to climb, areas of greasy slush to plow through (like walking on sand), a bit of powdery fluff to crunch over, and the dreaded ice patches.

Of course ice patches are the worst of it, and when a dusting of snow cleverly obscures one it can be even worse. However these ice slicks are isolated enough that sticking to a clearly safe section of sidewalk is usually no significant hardship. A great case in point comes from my walk this morning. I was walking along the river when, on my mostly clear path, stood an island of pure, slick ice. And right in the middle of that patch of ice was one fresh and bright yellow banana peel. Almost like a joke, but there it was.

I suppose there was only one thing to think as I easily skirted the danger:

"Well now, that's redundant."

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