Sunday, April 29, 2018

Another missing post

So I went out for another Thursday morning walk. I had some blog ideas to come up with. And nothing gets the blog ideas rolling like a bit of incandescent rage. Nothing quite stokes the old genius like the agony of human existence, the pain of being, the sweet burn of injustice. I just had to get that hate train rolling for some raw material, then pound it till it's stretchy and malleable, then shape it into something funny, put a hat on it, and gut it.

So it was just a matter of getting started when I was distracted. I can't remember what exactly it was; a cat walking across the street? The blueness of the sky? A recognition that it was a lovely day to have off? Something sweet my wife said to me, still ringing in my ears, before she went to work? Spring?

And I lost the string.

I had nothing. It was beautiful.

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