Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hate leaves its mark

It is amazing how much you can hate someone for shelving in your row.

There are a lot of rows to shelve in. Plus one can usually pick a cart in another section from where the other person is shelving. Plus if you go upstairs and it turns out you picked the wrong cart, and you refuse to go back downstairs and get a new cart, you can shelve out of order to keep clear of the person that was there first! 

In fact, the only really awful, truly hideous, mentally ill, vicious, blind, and ugly thing to do is to just go ahead and shelve right on the heels of the person who was there first.

This is what a person just did to me!

It is amazing how much you can hate someone for shelving in your row.

Plus he was shelving in non fiction instead of where he was assigned in fiction. I found this out after suspecting it and checking the schedule downstairs when I was done with my cart. This inflamed my righteous indignation.

Plus I had had too much coffee.

I was mad. I couldn't talk to him for minutes. Then I could.

And in a couple of hours I probably won't even be mad anymore.

But it's likely I'll never fully respect him ever again.

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