Saturday, April 28, 2018

I could fix that printer if they'd just let me

We have one big public printer at my library for the 50 or 60 people in the downstairs computer area. For years this printer was a great source of trouble, breaking down all the time in dozens of malicious and irritating ways. Then, finally, we got a new printer and it always worked, I mean, outside of a rare, easy to fix jam or two. It was great.

But after a year or more of printer perfection today the printer went down. It was bad. It's still down now, many hours later. During my lunch break it was suggested that I might take a look at it when I could. I agreed. But before I got to it important people were involved; the fix-it-with-baling-wire-and-duct-tape manager, then the handheld devices specialist librarian, and finally the Automation Services staff person who was ultimately responsible for it. It was way beyond me at that point. I was usurped! So I just started saying "I'm telling you, mice got into the printer and chewed through the wires."

I'd see one of them fussing about and I'd mutter "Mark my words, it's mice. Mice chewing the wires."

This went on for awhile. "Mice" I'd say. "Remember these words when you find all the mice."

Finally the three of them were gathered around discussing what to do about this troubled printer. I joined them and waited for my opening. It finally came.

"Set a nice piece of cheese next to it, and it will draw the mice out."

And then I rode off into the sunset.


  1. Peanut butter, not cheese. Mice like it better and it saves the cheese for you.

    1. This is good to know, but I am a traditionalist at heart.


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