Thursday, April 12, 2018

Name dropping

People ask me what I'm like at my job. I mean reading this it's easy to see what I'm like as a writer. It's even possible to see what I am like a person, to a degree, but it can be difficult to suss out just what I'm like at the front desk of my library. Fortunately I can easily answer this question; I am a great deal like Rick, from Casablanca. I mean, without all the "Play it, Sam" stuff. More like how he runs the bar and deals with Nazis, and the way he secretly has a heart of gold and all.

Well, that might not be the best example. It might not tell the full picture. Perhaps a better example would be Holden Caufield, but sort of combined with Spencer Tracy from Captains Courageous. But all of that is tempered by a touch of Shane.

Actually, there is a great deal of Shane in how I work the desk of my library. In fact, Shane kind of sums it up. I am exactly like Shane, the retired gunslinger, here at the library.

Except without the firearms.


I'm quite a bit like the Dude, Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski, Frodo in Lord of the Rings, well, also and Gandalf, and a tiny bit like Gollum. Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Cheshire Cat. Coyote, both in Native American Mythology and in relation to roadrunners. Lionel Messi! Bugs Bunny! Daffy Duck! Chief Red Cloud! Albert Einstein! Shackleton! Fonzi! Pooh!  Mork! Kvothe! Robin Hood!

Wait, let me take a breath. I may have muddied the waters. Let me think for a minute.

I know.

Only one figure can sum it up.


That's really it. That's who I am here. Snoopy. End of story.

Or maybe Charlie Brown.


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