Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Obscure forms of library humor

This is from a very minute branch of library humor: Community Program Room humor. It's hard to find jokes about Community Program Rooms, if, I mean, you were to go looking, which, let's face it, you wouldn't.

So, anyway, I went into our community program room to help the group using it. It smelled great in there. They had two beautifully spread tables all decked out in tablecloths and filled with slices of bread. They also had bowls of rich looking,  delicious golden butter and piles of preserves and jams made from a dozen fruits. The bread slices were from a delightful cornucopia of different loaves; whole wheat, semolinas, challahs, rye. And every single thick slice of bread was perfectly warmed and crisped, some with gorgeous grill marks, not a single one too dark or too light, all filling the room with their heady aromas. It was mouthwatering.

But really, what else would one expect at a meeting of this group; they were The Toastmasters.

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