Saturday, April 14, 2018

One last post about Winter in Spring

I went once again for my four mile walk across the city. It was late morning. It was chilly and I was wearing my beautiful new Barcelona Football Club hat little knowing that my team would suffer one of their most humiliating defeats in their long history that very afternoon. But it was still gray out, and not knowing what was about to happen was no protection because the future managed to mysteriously seep back into the day.

So did the past for that matter. 

I did not try to keep my spirits up.

But when I was passing under the railroad bridge I saw snowflakes.

Just a few.

I thought this was funny. I laughed. We were well into Spring and even though Winter kept belatedly hammering us there was no snow in the forecast. It was going to warm up. These were just the tiny, fluke snowflakes that would let me say later, in mock outrage, "It snowed on me!"

Ha ha ha ha ha.

In 15 minutes it was blizzarding.

It was beautiful.


  1. You mean the game they lost to the team that rhymes with 'coma'? Does this mean that they're not in the playoffs? Does their loss have anything to do with the spring snow?

    1. Yes (sad face). And maybe, who knows, the stars have gone haywire.


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