Friday, April 6, 2018

Prophet of God

It is Passover as I write, but I no longer celebrate any religious holidays. This is partly because I think, and I barely take any joy in saying this, I think religion might be, well, evil. Meaning no offense. But I do ask you this: What if the whole reason for god's, er, remoteness? extended vacation? mercurial Rorschach Test absence? is, well, Religion. What if God is sitting around going "I'll come back when they cut it the fuck out already." Seriously, who wants to be worshiped, spoken for, codified, besides, of course, people with... issues. Are you saying God has issues?

Well that's not very spiritual. So it probably wasn't you.

But maybe God is just like a celebrity, so tired of adulation that God has retreated into seclusion. Maybe God at this point will only respond to decades of being treated normally.

"Oh, God, hey." You might want to say the next time you run into God. And then you should just walk away. No matter how much you might want to you must not gawk. Resist asking for an autograph. It's not for your nephew anyway. Try behaving like this for 30 years or so, no religion or worshiping, and then, one day, God might say "Hey." back.

Well it could hardly work worse than sloppily obeying a series of murky commandments and suchlike, that's for sure!

Oh, that wasn't you. Sorry. Sometimes writing here, I hear voices.


  1. So maybe gods are like stray cats that you put food out on your back steps for?


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