Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The sweet karma

When I think about Karma I think of its punitive nature, like how I might angrily kick an innocent book that I dropped and then hurt my foot kicking it. But Karma is neutral. Karma is a law of equality, of getting out what one puts in. I was reminded of this today.

Over where we put things to be delivered to other library branches some of what we send are electric powered rising bins of books. These we plug in as they wait there so that the batteries that raise the bottom of the bin up will be charged when they get to the other branch. Last night I pushed a full bin over to this delivery area and plugged it in. But I noticed it was the last plug. As there are no deliveries on the weekend, the next person with a full bin would have to scrounge up another cord and awkwardly plug it in. Those plugs and cord aren't easy to get to.

So I sighed. I went and scrounged up another cord, squeezed around a couple of bins, and plugged it in. Then I carefully lay the cord on top of one of the bins to be readily available for the the next person who had to push over a bin for this branch.

Twenty-two hours later, this person, by pure chance, was me.

Sometimes I really like me.

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