Tuesday, May 15, 2018

An introduction

If you've been following along here the last few posts you will be aware that I am in a race against time. In order to prepare for a trip to Rome I have to compose 20 or so blog posts in a matter of hours. I have already used up all my available time on a couple of very wordy posts explaining my desperate situation. Then, with each new post, like this one you are reading now, I have to explain the whole thing all over again. I could do this twenty times and that would be great, but  it is surprisingly complicated to explain the same thing over and over again in a new way. In the time it took me to explain this situation to you just now I could have composed dozens of wonderful blog posts we both would have loved. There's one in particular I didn't write that still makes me chuckle. I wish I knew what it was. So would you, if you only knew.

At least. I think so.

But fortunately I have a solution for going forward. I will write an introduction below to be stickied at the top of all my next 20 blog posts. This will explain everything, and then I can simply copy paste my explanation and proceed to heedlessly race ahead with my feverish attempt to entertain and inform you 20 times in what is now an available timeframe of, er, minus two hours and 17 minutes.

Minus two hours and 17 minutes is not a lot of time. Maybe the 17 minutes is not minus because I didn't say "Minus two hours and minus 17 minutes". So I really am only minus one hour and minus 43 minutes.

That's plenty of time.

Still, would you terribly mind if I wrote the stickied introduction for tomorrow's blog post? I'm feeling a tad pressed.


Person Blogging a lot right now and slowly unravelling.


  1. I grant you permission to cut and past previous posts as needed! After all, the great blogs should be like the great TV shows and have reruns!

    1. Thank you, but as you see another path was taken. Sometimes I fear that if I lose the thread of relentless posting I won't be able to get it back.


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