Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fire at library!

I was at the front desk of the library. Actually, I had left the front desk and was helping a man on the computers. I felt that I had a solution for his problem when suddenly the fire alarm rang out. It was loud! The building had to be evacuated immediately!

Recently in this very space I told you how I was learning a wee bit of Italian for our upcoming trip to Rome. Everyday in the car I listen to our "Italian for Travelers" CD. I have been particularly taken with the emergency section where people yell in Italian "Help, thief!" and "Call the Police!" and, of course, "FIRE!", or, as it is on the CD, "FUOCO!". I like it so much that for days I've been wandering the library crying out "Fuoco!"

So I was well-practiced. And when fire truly came to my library I was there to heroically yell "Fuoco!"

Which no one understood because we are in Minnesota and almost no one speaks Italian here.

So everyone died.

Or they would have, but it turned out to just be a drill.

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