Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Good times just around the corner

Stickied Introduction:

In order to prepare for a two week trip with my lovely wife to Rome it is necessary for me to write 20 blog posts ahead of time. I don't have a lot of time to do this. I'm not sure I actually have any time to do this. But I have made a sacred charter, somewhere, I think, that says I must post a new blog post everyday. So I wanted to put a stickied explanation of the desperation of my plight at the top of each of my next twenty blog posts.

I am hoping this will explain why my comments might be (checked (X) as appropriate):

xx Brief

__ Incoherent

__ First drafts

__ Silly

xx Math errors

__ Borderline plagiarized from someone else

__ Borderline plagiarized from myself

__ Petty about the Internet

__ Pandering to the reader

__ Technically illegal in the country of Turkey

__ Ending abruptly

xx A surfeit of self-aggrandizement

__ Too frank by half

__ Pretty much just the lyrics of some song I like

xx Actually a lot like any of my regular blog posts

This particular post is:

02 of 20

End of Stickied Introduction

Wait. It says that this particular post is 02 of 20. That can't be right. I am leaving in less than two days. Shouldn't I be panicking?

I'm not panicking.

I must have a lot of really good ideas for tons of really clever little posts.

I kind of envy how entertained you're going to be.

Although when I do actually remember all these super clever little posts I might find it kind of entertaining as well.

"Ha ha ha! Feldo." I'll think to myself. "That's another good one!"

I will laugh.

I can hardly wait.

Because I am starting to freak out a little.

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