Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ideas from the bottom up

Somewhere way back in the early part of Winter I put forth an idea in conversation with my bosses. They kind of liked it, and, getting that sinking feeling that all the things that made it such a good idea might erode away, I tried to emphasize its important features as much as possible. 

Then, resignedly, I let it go. 

Eventually I forgot about it.

But after four or five months it was suddenly unveiled: a new policy, a feature of our work lives. Sure enough most of the good parts were gone, washed away in time. 

I thought:

A good idea is a good idea, until it is taken under consideration.

But after an hour of extreme bitterness, and five or six of sadness, I am willing to become friends with it if I can, in honor of our old acquaintance.

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