Saturday, May 12, 2018

My responsibilities

Hi, I am going to Rome!

"Oh," You ask nervously. "How will you blog everyday?"

What? You read my blog? This is so terribly exciting!

"Well," You say softly. "I don't exactly read it or anything. I just know that it's real important to you cause you mention it a lot."

I do?

"So I just naturally wondered what you'll do about blogging everyday when you're gone in, where was it again?"


"Yeah, Rome."

But this is my blog. You're in it.

"I am?"

Yes. You play the part of Reader in Quotes.

"I do?"

Yes, see, you're doing it now. Look at all the things in quotes. That's you!

"Really?" You ask. "Do I do anything else?"

No. You pretty much just read my blog and whenever a question needs to be asked you ask it.

"Wow. That's pretty neat. That means I never have to go to the Dentist. Wait, that means I don't experience pain!"


"Wait!" You cry out in excitement. "This means I will live forever! I will never die! I am immortal!"

I guess. I mean, as long as I'm writing my blog.

"Oh my God! What will you do about blogging when you go to Rome?"

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