Sunday, May 13, 2018

What I will do about blogging when I go to Rome

I have been posting at least one written blog post everyday since March 21, 2013. One would think that on the Internet, with its billions of users, this would be unremarkable. That's only five years of regular blogging. And yet, surprisingly, I am the only daily straight up blogger on the Internet over that long a period. I know you can't quite believe that, so I'll wait while you go check for yourself, as you should.


I know, it's weird!

But since I am the only person on the Internet writing regularly one would think I'd be famous. I'm not. I'll wait while you go check.


You didn't check did you?

No, no, you don't have to. My point is merely

Shoot. I don't know what my point is.

Let's refer back to the title of this post:

What I will do about blogging when I go to Rome


So after writing almost 2,000 posts to no particular acclaim I am still occasionally amazed by the sheer industry of it, but mostly it's done a step at a time, and I don't think about it. Nevertheless, when I go on vacation I have to think about it in a very functional way. How, for instance, am I supposed to simply come up with 20 or so essays so that I'm free to take a few weeks off to vacation with my wife in Rome? On my last long trip, one that was a full month long, I created an entire simulated travelogue in which I pre-wrote a version of the journey we took.

My readers were all terribly confused. It was complicated.

So this year I thought I'd avoid all those unnecessary complications. I'm an old hand at this blogging gig, and so after putting off a solution until the last minute I decided:

Why don't I just sit down and write out 20 or so very clever blog posts over the course of a couple of hours?

So that's what I'm going to do!

Great solution if I say so myself! This is the first one of the bunch and I am almost done with it already. I have a mere 19 more essays to write and, let's see, 11 minutes to do it.

I mjite njieed to tipe fasterr goingag forwarde.

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