Friday, June 15, 2018

Not about the World Cup

I do take some joy in looking out for your, the reader's, interests here. But sometimes I like to balance it with my own sense of rambling fun. Thus I am allowed (by myself) to discuss the World Cup, despite it being hardly appealing to most of the people reading this, but nevertheless I try not to discuss things like the uninteresting opening game between two not particularly great teams. And so after dutifully watching Russia plaster a truly horrible looking Saudi Arabia 5-0 in said opening game of this World Cup, I decided I'd better head on outside to look for a blog post to write. It would be better for everyone involved if we waited until tomorrow to ramble on about the upcoming Argentina v. Iceland.

In Minnesota it is still beautiful out, just. A mass of turgid, very hot air is pushing towards us, and ahead of it is high Spring and some dramatic, gusty winds, produced, I assume, by the volatile collision of air masses. Everything was green. There were flowers. I didn't find anything to write about except some version of my introductory comments here. For some reason this seemed like plenty while I was walking the sidewalks of my city. Of course sitting here, more sober in front of a computer, we can both see that it's not.

I probably should have talked about soccer.

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