Sunday, June 24, 2018

Saudi Arabia, an apology, and Croatia 3, Argentina, zero

After the first round of The World Cup I wrote a piece about how after playing just one game everyone was still in it. And then the punchline came at the expense of poor Saudi Arabia. I said everyone was still in it, everyone except Saudi Arabia, who lost to Russia, five to nothing.

No one wants to talk about Saudi Arabia, and not least because I was right. But I wasn't right by much. Who can say what happened with Russia for Saudi Arabia, but against Uruguay they comported themselves with distinction and showed that everyone deserves to be there, all 32 teams in The World Cup earned their place and all 32 teams can play serious soccer.

Of course, I write this just as Argentina lost 3-0 to Croatia. But I've learned my lesson and will refrain here from punchlines.

Especially when they'd just make me feel worse.

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